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Andrew Garritson

Andrew Garritson, Head Coach



PhD Candidate (GCU – Performance Psychology, expected graduation 2020)
Masters Degree
  (GCSU- Kinesiology: Health and Human Performance)

Bachelors Degree (UNG- Health and Physical Education, Leadership minor)

Landmark Curriculum Graduate
– Landmark Forum
– Landmark Advanced Course
– Self-Expression and Leadership Program
– Communication Course: Access to Power
– Communications Course: Power to Create

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Barefoot Training Specialist-Level 1 (EBFA)

Coaching Certificate Program, Associate Coach (OPEX)
– Assessment
– Program Design
– Life Coaching
– Nutrition
– Business Systems

Personal Defense and Readiness Instructor (BTS)

Sport Performance Coach (USAW)

Certified Kettlebell Sport Instructor (USGSF)

CrossFit Certifications:
– Level 2 Trainer

     – Kids Trainer

     – CrossFit Judges Course

     – Competitor Trainer

     – Self-Defense Trainer

     – Kettlebell Trainer

     – Football Trainer

     – Striking Trainer

     – Mobility Trainer

     – Strongman Trainer

     – Powerlifting Trainer

     – Gymnastics Trainer

     – Goal Setting Trainer

     – Endurance Trainer

     – Garage Games Certified Judge

     – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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Andrew’s Story


It all began when I was new to the country and very impressionable with how others perceived me. This led me down the road of eating disorders, poor training plans, seclusion, and an obsession about how to look and perform better than everyone else as I sought acceptance, validation, and general admiration.


My information for the early years of this nearly 2-decade fitness journey came from Muscle and Fitness magazines. “Add 4 inches to your arms in 4 weeks” and “Shredded Abs in 8 Weeks” were all the information I had to go on, and I consumed it religiously. Later, I pursued a Health and Physical Education degree at North Georgia College & State University to further my education on how the body functions and how to educate others in matters of health.


While at NGCSU, I served as an enlisted recon marine and was lucky enough to spend two years abroad serving my country and testing out the information I had gathered during my time at college. I came to find that it was all conjecture and implementation was more difficult than the books described. It was then that I became obsessed with learning more and more as my own competitive aspirations grew with no mentor or coach to guide them. Confused as to why the information from the books differed so much from the information that experienced coaches were sharing, I committed myself to bridging the gap between scientific research and application by using myself and my closest friends as guinea pigs.


During a deployment abroad, my stress and training levels came to a head with what seemed like a cataclysmic injury: an annular tear in my L4-L5 disc. After contending with that for nearly 2 years, I was finally back to training and driving myself harder than ever. As luck and poorly designed training practices would go, I herniated two discs 9 months after reaching a “full recovery” from the initial tear. It seemed like this was it for me, and I felt like the world had finally beaten my desire to compete at an elite level into submission. Numerous doctors and physical therapists told me that my days of lifting heavy and competing were over… and at the age of 24, I felt crushed.


For 4 months, I laid in bed devouring all kinds of research in my search for someone that could lead me to an answer on how to be whole again. I gained weight, lost muscle, went through depression, ruined a few relationships, changed jobs, changed cities, and changed mindsets. After piecing together a few bits of information and reaching out to a few people (most notably Functional Rehabilitation) on the subject of back injuries, I gained hope. From that hope, I rebuilt my body and my life with the promise to myself that no one else suffering from a circumstance or limitation would ever be left without a solution or stopped from competing in what they love most, whether that’s simply life or at an elite level.


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